Gold Advertising Package

What's Included:
Website Banner - This will be viewed across the website (XO Radio)
ON AIR Advert - This will be played at anytime during the day. The voice over is recorded from a 3rd party (This is currently: Radio Jingles 24).
Show Sponsor - Your company/Organisation will be mentioned at the start of the Specific Show

More Information:
Website Advert: The website advert can be made in house or we can use one of your own*.

On Air Advert: The Voice over is Purchused from a Third Party VO Producers. We will purchuse this on your behalf using the money that you have provided.

You can provide us a script on what you want it to say (No more than 25 Words).

Show Sponsor: You can choose a show that you will be sponsoring. You will have advertising at the start, during and at the end of the show.

*Note that we may have to amend it to fit the Advert area size. The voice over is recorded from a 3rd party